Getting started

GlobalQuran is a well written eco-system of UI pages, widgets, APIs, search that anyone can use on their site to embed Quran directly. 

This is whether you use WordPress, facebook, php, just plain html+js or anything else.

The purpose of GlobalQuran (GQ) is to enable different website, mobile and desktop developers to reuse existing codebase and quickly embed Quran on their website.

  • allow max reuse; avoid everyone reinventing the wheel
  • fully allow user customizations. overwrite CSS styles or pretty much anything else
  • all the code is up on git and APIs are well documented below 

Get My API Key

To get started with api request, you will need api key. Get your [ API KEY] now.

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The one without links are not yet done, they are getting documented and will be available soon. User contributions welcome.


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Data api calls

Javascript API


Got Question / Suggestion?

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