Getting started

GlobalQuran is a well written eco-system of UI pages, widgets, APIs, search that anyone can use on their site to embed Quran directly. 

This is whether you use WordPress, facebook, php, just plain html+js or anything else.

The purpose of GlobalQuran (GQ) is to enable different website, mobile and desktop developers to reuse existing codebase and quickly embed Quran on their website.

  • allow max reuse; avoid everyone reinventing the wheel
  • fully allow user customizations. overwrite CSS styles or pretty much anything else
  • all the code is up on git and APIs are well documented below 

Get My API Key

To get started with api request, you will need api key. Get your API KEY now.

About GlobalQuran

The one without links are not yet done, they are getting documented and will be available soon. User contributions welcome.


Data api calls

Javascript API


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