Bismillahi ArRahmaani arRaheemi

Assalamu ala man ittaba’a al-huda

Couple of ideas:

  1. 1) What? simple web page Excercises to aid in building-up Quranic vocabulary. Later on it will be used to build excercises related to other ulooms of quran: ex: Grammar, Tajweed, Translation etc.

        How? JQuery author worked on this javascript framework to create automated, simple to author excercises framework. 

        resources: For the words, one source to look at: 'Access to Quranic Arabic' wordlists 1 thru 3. (Author AbdulWahid Hamid). These are words used > 100 times. Also there are existing implementations of this we can look at. Ex: []     []  []


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