Bismillahi ArRahmaani arRaheemi

Assalamu ala man ittaba’a al-huda

Couple of ideas:

  • What? simple web page Excercises to aid in building-up Quranic vocabulary. Later on it will be used to build excercises related to other ulooms of quran: ex: Grammar, Tajweed, Translation etc.

        How? JQuery author worked on this javascript framework to create automated, simple to author excercises framework. 

        resources: For the words, one source to look at: 'Access to Quranic Arabic' wordlists 1 thru 3. (Author AbdulWahid Hamid). These are words used > 100 times. Also there are existing implementations of this we can look at. Ex: []     []  []

  • What? speech recognition of surah/ayah recitation. It will listen & highlite those parts which were recited correctly & those recited poorly.

             How? no idea. its somewhat similar to Rosetta Stone Arabic, in that it speech-recognizes the learner's voice and is able to highlight & mark both the words enunciated poorly and perfectly. Doing smthg like this to check our hafiza wud be perfect!

  • What? 'new words on page' recognition helper. It's well known that for a student of Quran who starts right from beginning and goes thru Baqara and so on, the # of new words on a page keeps steadily going down. So, the app should dim out all words already encountered before, with the new words standing out. making it easy to learn them visually.

             How? one challenge here is that derivations of word can differ; so the app has to be intelligent enuf. Solution? using data, one can rollup for every word up to its lemma parent. i.e. kataba, katabi, katabu, latabuhu, katabuka etc all roll up to kataba, which is the Lemma for all these words. 

  • Comments/thoughts???



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