GlobalQuran Roadmap: 4.0 and beyond

Userbase segments:
- Web users    (casual surfers)
- Domain sites (self host'ers)
- Developers
- Content writers

- **   Labs: for half-baked projects. Domain sites not impacted. can leave anonymous feedback.
- ***  Beta: ideas graduate to here. Domain sites can consume after opt-in.
- **** Prod: []

Platforms: (in decreasing order of level of support)
- hi-end browsers
- hi-end mobile gadgets
- low bandwidth users
- offline users
- IE, older browsers


**** Core featureset lacking:
- Desktop offline use. 
- Stability/Bug fixes. Ex: scrolling, cache, search issues.
- Issue reporting/Feedback: simple, anonymous

***  Beta roadmap:
- Layout: developer simple layout using bootstrap
- modify api data area for supporting new 4.0 data without interfering 3.0 sites
- corpus-quran

**   Labs roadmap:
- Layout: iphone/ipad view
- tajweed tool
- word by word audio tool
- ayah by ayah audio tool
- buck2transliteration() need to complete it, half pending


* proved-out, working concepts (ready to eat):

- Search direction based on typing, arabic tooltip as you type search keyword
- deprecate search area and replace it with instant search (QD solution)

* roadmap concepts (need R&D):
- auto suggestion on searched  and found keywords
- search languages and surah 
- search by page or surah:ayah number
- make one global search for everything with simple search box

* Featureset Enhancements:
- Mobile users (iphone, ipad)
- chrome extension
- Offline cache/HTML5 solutions:
-minifest cache solution; local storage
-html structure
-history new url support for facebook lint
-offline audio support by filesystem api
- sharing ayah
- facebook lint support
- corpus complete data set with prefix / sufix
- localization numbers
- complete docs api documentation gq and layout.js left
- download area for users to easily download data / pdf / audio
- add droid nashkh font - by google font
- new layout.js 
- extend gq.js with more flixesbility of adding and removing stuff easily. (ask basit for details)

Todo Done List  

prepand another task name here after completing it, please remember to add completed date here...  just like below example. 

another new task completed - 04-02-2012

Example Task - 03-02-2012


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